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Roe Corporation is a real estate holding company with key strengths in development, investment management, and transactional services.


To maintain consistent performance, the firm's Principals use their expertise to manage in-house departments, including acquisition, finance, construction and management.  Their hands-on system of team work ensures that projects are carefully planned and that costs are controlled while quality is maintained.


Roe Corporation’s success can be attributed to the founders' shared philosophy.  Quality process ensures quality results.


Buhm Jung Roe


Buhm Jung Roe has over 35 years of experience in real estate ownership, acquisition, management, development and construction of numerous residential and commercial properties in New York City.  He has extensive private real estate fund managing experience and has syndicated and successfully completed multiple projects in New York City.  In addition, he has solid development and construction experience from residential and commercial buildings to luxury condominium buildings from the ground up. Buhm Jung Roe graduated from Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea.


John Roe

John Roe focuses on acquisitions and operational day to day management for Roe Corporation and New York Immigration Fund.  This includes land and building acquisitions, financing, legal, transactional and property management.  


John brings 20 years of experience on an ownership level in developments, financing and management of properties throughout New York City.  He has extensive experience in real estate investment and development from residential to commercial and retail from acquisition to completion. He is instrumental in the negotiation and structuring of each deal or acquisition, and is also responsible for the oversight of new projects.  He plays a key role in the company’s investment decisions and development processes.  During the course of each project, John’s strong local knowledge of the New York City real estate market and sharp eye for detail, enables him to engage and lead a team of professionals who partner with the Roe Corporation or New York Immigration Fund to deliver a history of repeated success.


John received his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University in New York.

Robert Roe


Robert Roe graduated from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University. He is responsible for monitoring the sales and marketing efforts for the company's new developments and projects. Prior to working at Roe Development, Mr. Roe evaluated risk in various IPOs and Biotech IPOs throughout the world for National Union in New York

Eli Pomanski


Eli Pomanski is responsible for all day to day financial aspects of the business.  After close to two decades in public accounting practice that focused heavily on real estate, Eli brings solid experience to financial and tax facets of development and properties management.  


Louis Katsos

Louis Katsos has over 35 years of experience in the New York Real Estate and Construction Management market. A known leader in the industry in New York he has for over 30 years held senior executive positions with major firms including serving as the Executive Vice President of Tishman Construction Corp. and Chief Operating Officer as well as President of his own firm Jekmar Associates, Inc. a consulting firm to New York Developers.  As Project Executive he has built over 10 million square feet of High Rise buildings and as a Corporate Executive managed the construction of millions more. He holds a B.E. in Civil Engineering and an M.B.A. and is a professor at the Chanin School of Architecture at Cooper Union.

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