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MANHATTAN, New York City



12 Stories / 50’ x 100’ / 45,000 SF

Retail and Residential

New Construction

Upper West Side Project.jpg

The Upper West Side Project consists of several contiguous properties. There have been numerous successful large scale residential developments within the area. Because of the proximity of the site to Broadway and the angle of the street, there is high visibility and a strong retail component.

The Buildings have just been rezoned to R9-A. We are planning to construct a 12 story mixed use retail and residential property on the site totaling over 45,000 square feet. We are also in advanced discussions to purchase or joint venture with an entity that owns the rest of the block on Broadway. A land map of our properties and theirs is attached. Logistically, both properties would benefit from combing the lots. The total size of the combined development would be over 200,000 square feet with a full blockfront of retail on Broadway.

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